Terms of Service

  1. The company ApuTime, s.r.o. (a limited liability company), Business Registration No. 06325149, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Regional Court in Ostrava, Czech Republic, file ref. 71514 C, hereinafter “Provider”, is the provider of application services by means of the ApuTime application.

  2. Provider reserves the right to effect temporary system outages in order to increase the quality of provided services.

  3. Provider shall send information about any changes via email messages from the Provider's domain (aputime.com, aputime.cz, myappin.cz, myappin.com, appin.cz, myappin.cloud), or via updates in the ApuTime application.

  4. Provider's service is rendered exclusively by means of encrypted https connection.

  5. User shall use the ApuTime application by means of the application name, his/her username (email address) and a password. Provider keeps login data in an irreversibly encrypted form.

  6. User undertakes to use his/her login data for his/her own purposes only, and shall not disclose them to others.

  7. Provider reserves the right to update the application without prior notice. Application updates include, but are not limited to, improvements, error corrections, adding new functions, changes of existing functions etc.

  8. Provider is entitled to block access of any User who in any way attempts to destabilize services provided, or attempts unauthorized access to information.

  9. Provider is not liable for damages caused by use of the system, or for loss or misuse of stored data.

  10. Provider does not guarantee correctness of the system in terms of law.

  11. Provider shall remedy erroneous behavior of the application if an error manifests and is duly reported via email or form provided for that purpose. Provider is not obligated to correct errors that originated due to such behavior before it was remedied.

  12. Provider undertakes not to disclose information filled in by User to third parties without approval of User, except for official requests by the Police of the Czech Republic and administrative authorities legally entitled to request such information. Read more about Privacy Policy.

  13. Provider registers name and surname for each user to personalize service data.

  14. Provider uses third party services to improve service itself.

  15. Provider bears no responsibility for information leaks as a consequence of User's disclosure of information to third parties.

  16. Provider is entitled to work with information stored in the application for the purpose of service improvements. This mainly consists of machine analysis and statistics. Provider does not monitor application use and processes information anonymously.

  17. Provider uses cookies according to the Cookie Policy and User consents to their use.

  18. The services are paid for via Provider-supported payment portals. Provider does not collect any credit card information and effects transactions exclusively via payment portals.

  19. Provider is entitled to bill User even for a fractional portion of application use in a given time interval. Should the number of Users decrease, customer is entitled to a proportional refund only in the manner of a discount applied towards a future payment.

  20. Provider utilizes the payment portal PayLike. Provider bills monthly an amount calculated from the number of Users * price per User.

  21. The price is set to $14.9 per User per month

  22. Provider reserves the right to change pricing of services.

  23. Provider reserves the right to change Terms of Business without prior notice.

  24. User expresses consent with these Terms of Business by his/her use of the ApuTime application.

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