ApuTime has [two-way] integration of Slack. We use it to get you the possibility of managing things in our platform directly through the Slack.

We currently support

/task [?Task NAME] -- Opens a new Task dialog
/start [Task CODE] -- starts the Timer
/stop -- stops the Timer
/done [Task CODE] -- close the Task
/comment [Task CODE] [Comment] -- place the Comment for the Task
/my [Any string | or predicates] -- shows your agenda
/find [Any string | or predicates] -- searches for the tasks
/aputime-help  -- It is always easy to open this site

We send some the important notifications about new tasks or comments to your private Slack channel. You can every time start the thread to place your comment or answer to the posts from your colleagues.

You can easily enable the Slack integration through the application in the context menu on the right corner.

How to remove integration?

You can disable our integration easily through managing connected apps in your Slack settings:


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