Now you can use project specific labels to create more complex segments of the tasks.

How does it work?

When you create a label you can add project to be related with this label. Labels are global (for all projects) by default.
It makes your labels more efficient and avoids confusing lists of labels in projects which are not relevant to using them.

Example of Use-Case

You have Project which has 4 phases (preparation, realisation, finalisation, and evaluation) of realisation and you want to mark each tasks to be part of each phase.
Now you want to have possibility to make another segments by location of realisation (Madrid, Prague, New York City).
Of course, you can make more and more project specific labels and combine them between each other. What does it look like?

Task1 has labels: preparation + Madrid
Task2 has labels: realisation + Madrid
Task3 has labels: realisation + Madrid + New York City...

Yes, it is much more useful feature then "Sub-Projects", because you can create them by making combinations of labels.
When you need to show each segments, you can filter them using our filtering or you can make more complex queries using easy query language.

example of query language (written in search input): 

#label madrid and (preparation or realisation)

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