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My name is Martin, and I work for ApuTime. We are a perfect working team of friends who have a lot of failed projects behind our backs. These fails came from wrong managed projects and confusions about planning and timing.

You know, every challenge should be calculated as the time-consuming blocks, and all of these blocks must be well serialized, and this is the crucial premise to identify Must-haves&Nice-haves. When you do it conscientiously for you, there is no chance to miss the deadline and fail.

Simple, isn't it?

OK! Back in the real world. It is not such simple as it looks like, sure? Most of the project aspects are unknown at the beginning, and a lot of things are changed based on experience, real needs, or importance. That’s why the positions like Project Manager and SCRUM master are so popular and still opened. They must react to the changes in almost real-time. Did you know, we are talking about searching the best way how to reach the goals in time with the possible resources? It is a well-known problem to solve in theoretical informatics because it is the member of NP-Complete tasks. That means we can not solve these problems in polynomial time. It is a variation of the knapsack problem. In this case, we are talking about partitioning tasks based on resources, time and capacity.
So it is very naive to expect that the Project Manager heroes can do it. No! They really can not do it. 

Fortunately, we live in the 21st century, and we can use the tools like quantum computers and neural networks to solve these problems very quickly. We can resolve a lot of issues with calculating them based on probabilities. We believe we can increase the productivity and lead the companies for much bigger profits by creating day-to-day agendas for each person inside the company in real-time and avoid them from making the same mistakes again and again.

The role of the Project Managers is going to change, and we are happy to push them back to building relationships inside the companies and buying them their time again to listen and understand their customers.

We know that people are the most expensive part of every company. When they are not active, most of the companies will fire them, but this problem comes from the company itself. There is no power to make people effective and tell them what is important now to reach the goal in weeks. There is nobody who can say two weeks before that the projects are going wrong and it is needed to talk about reinvention. ApuTime is that missing part because this is what we do. We do the things which are impossible to do by the human. Our web-based platform is super-easy to use and accessible on every device.

We also create profiles for each person and calculate metrics such as Team cooperation, Deadlines, Estimate time accuracy and many more which helps us understand the processes inside the company and producing predictions and outputs for you. Are you sure that your employees have the position that fits them the best in your company? These profiles are also significant to find strengths and weaknesses and help you with placing people.

Are you onboard? Quite easy to do so

Dipl-Eng. Martin Lonsky, CEO @ApuTime
“Ing.” Theoretical computer science, Technical University of Ostrava

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